Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What's All This About?

Welcome to the Tredegar House Ghostblog. For many years I've been escorting tours through the attics and state rooms of Tredegar House, and expounding with, what I presume to be, enormous charm (though no-body has yet confirmed this to me) the many and various, and indeed expanding ghost stories that I've accumulated whilst working in the House as a tour guide.

However, Tredegar House is a lively nest for the average roosting house-ghost, and the stories have arrived with such frightening regularity, that there are now simply too many to tell on the average tour. It already takes nearly two hours, and short of staying past the witching hour (which many people would like to do, mad fools!), the ever word-hungry internet seems the best place to expose the stories that remain untold to a wider audience.

I hope to bring you all the nastiness as it happens, and on dull days, when the dead are laying in, to tell a few old favourites.

Also, as I'm one of the few, if not the only person who knows the bulk of these stories, this seems a nice way of ensuring that should I be hit by the egg-lorry of fate, they won't need a good medium to carry on the tours. Death is the ultimate retirement, and I don't wish to carry on working past it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where are the stories?

3:10 PM, March 26, 2006  
Blogger Goff Morgan said...

Fair comment!

6:44 PM, March 26, 2006  

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