Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Load of Orbs 2

A second helping of orbs for you now!

This shot of the abandoned architects' office in the attics of Tredegar House was taken by a Mr. David Berry, a member of the ghost tour booked especially for him and his workmates, on 11/3/2005.

("Where is the orb?" I hear you cry! Click the picture and all will be revealed - it's a BIG picture.)

There were about thirty of them, and they were all terribly keen ghost-hunters (how many other works outings take you to a haunted house?), and as we went up into the attics they asked if they could take a few shots with their digital cameras to see if we could catch anything. They were great fans of Most Haunted, you see.

As the attics are an unrestored part of the house I unilaterally decided to let them have a go. Besides, I was curious about this orbs business, and we'd never tried it before. I did warn them that orbs were supposed to be rare, and that we weren't likely to get anything.

That's the last time I'll listen to me!

The place was aswarm with them! We had five separate cameras, of five different makes, and all of them caught more than one. I was frankly astounded; there were things bobbing over my head! This is the only picture that I have from that evening, and I wish to the dear Lord that I could get my hands on the rest.

[This room is supposed to have the spirits of two men in it, (one of whom stands in the lefthand corner of the room featured in the above picture) both of whom aren't very keen on us being in there. A medium who came on the tour one season told me mid-tour - interesting, as this may have been the footmen's sitting room.]

When we all settled down in the Servant's Hall at the end of the tour we started to compare shots. Someone, a lady to my right, said "I've got an odd shadow here." Indeed she had; she'd taken a shot of of the left window seat in the Master's Bed Chamber (not strictly allowed, but by that point I didn't care), and on the right of the cushion was a peculiar shadow - a dark patch, rectangular and box-like, as if something had been placed upon the red damask cushion. As we were looking at it, someone else, a gent on my right, said "Oh, I've got that as well!".

He scooted up the bench, and dear to God, he had! The same shot of the window seat, and the same box-like shadow on the right hand side. I still have no idea what that was all about - a ghost person, perhaps - but a ghost box!

Perhaps John Morgan, our resident ghost, was trying to hint at something!


Blogger ryan said...

in the picture i cn see more than just orbs if you cencentrate you can see the figure of a man staning in the middle of the orbs

8:45 AM, October 30, 2006  
Blogger ryan said...

ive just noticed there are actually 2 men standing next to each other

11:32 AM, October 31, 2006  
Blogger ryan said...

its me again its just everytime i look at this photo i see something else all i can say is there are now a third man i can see one has a fringe and wearing a suit the other has round glasses and a cap on the third man is hard to see but he looks like he has long hair not covering his face but brushed back

10:38 PM, December 20, 2006  

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