Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Load of Orbs 3

The final offering for the orbs fans amongst you (you know who you are!).

This is a deceptive picture, taken by Lisa Jenkins, our much missed former administrative assistant, on 19/12/05, while the house was open for the Christmas season.

(Click the pic again, like the previous entry, it's a B-I-G picture.)

This is the King's Room, the former bedroom of Lord Evan Morgan, and the theme of this room was the 1920s - flappers and young bucks etc. (As opposed to Dickens downstairs - I was Mr. Bumble (not a young buck)).

Though at first sight there appears to be only a small orb on the upper left thigh of the gentleman on the right of the picture, closer inspection of the gentleman on the left reveals him to be positively festooned with them - nearly eight in all, though rather faint one's at that.

The King's Room was another of the room's which Evan used for his occult practices. The lads are facing a large Victorian wardrobe which conceals behind it an alcove in the wall which Evan used as a black-magic altar. John, Duke of Bedford, in his biography "A Silver Spoon" writes up a seance which Evan conducted in this room incorporating a mummified Egyptian witch's hand, the same dead witch's robes, white owls flying around the cornice, and and icy chill in an overheated room.

How very christmassy!

I have hopes for a good crop of orbs this season, or even something better. Last season a lady in the attic snapped Paul coming towards her along the corridor, and ghostly in front of him was the transparent silhouette of a female form! We couldn't get a copy at the time, because it was on her mobile phone, but this year I've my own camera phone.

We live in hope.


Blogger The Newsbitch said...

Heya, just stumbled across this blog whilst surfing. Tredegar House is one of the most beautiful buildings, not to mention its surroundings. I shall definitely be returning to this site.

2:10 PM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Goff Morgan said...

Thank you very much! I'll try to be less slack in making entries, so you'll have new stuff to read!

2:04 AM, April 21, 2006  

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